What We Do Here

Genderplayful is a community project that aims to collaboratively solve wardrobe problems and inspire great fashion for anyone who doesn’t cleanly fit the roles, expectations, or body types of their assigned gender. We’re a submission-based blog that shares creative solutions, uncovers new options, and encourages personal exploration.


Major clothing stores tend to make assumptions about our sizes and styles based on our genders. For some of us, these assumptions are wrong, and buying clothes is a frustrating experience.

Clothes are not trivial. They are a core part of how we present ourselves in the world, and they have a powerful impact on how we are perceived and treated. Our ability to wear clothing that fits right, feels good, and represents our identities and personal styles — while certainly not the only factor — does play an important role in our self-esteem, careers, and relationships. Being able to afford the right clothes is a class issue, and being able to find the right clothes is a cultural acceptance issue.

But clothing can also be fun. Rich colors, soft fabrics, and whimsical creative styles. Artistic designs, meaningful traditions, playful combinations, and sharp looks. Clothing is a medium for self-expression, and you know you’re doing it right when it feels wonderful.