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Because Human And Why Not

Fall Long Bohemian Patchwork Skirt by 1000Colors on Etsy.com

Fall Long Bohemian Patchwork Skirt by 1000Colors on Etsy.com

The one thing that’s really helped me grasp that I’m nonbinary has been skirts, oddly enough. If they’re pressed on me Because Girl, the results are just miserable all around, but discovering that they’re actually pretty cool if I approach them from an angle of Because Human And Why Not made it clear that Girl is a bad angle for me and Human And Why Not is a much better one.

I’m still annoyed at how hard it is to make skirt-wearing look as subversive as it feels, though. :P

— Adelene

Visual Feasts

Editor’s Note: This post is from the original Genderplayful Community Blog, back when we were also a marketplace.

Today’s conversation: designers and collections! Of course, the Genderplayful Marketplace is a fantastic place to find both, but what about other spaces?

High school student maresalsalis has a lovely English period-inspired sketch of ‘a nineteenth-century gender-nonconforming young lady, inspired by a very amazing reference book of period costumes I found today’, entitled Monarch.

From Natalie Brilmeyer, a fashion major at Chicago’s School of the Art Institute, comes Gender-Queer Glam, a series of designs which combine urban clothing trends with looser fabrics and flowing lines.

And, because of the growing interest in the steampunk subculture as a source of style, something that might please you – John Yau’s ‘Gothic Dandy’. Described as a combination of ‘Victorian elements such as highly starched shirt collars and cuffs with feminine fabrics such as lace,’ the collection seeks to present ‘blended sexuality and the softened image of traditional masculinity’. An interview with the creator is available at NOIR Magazine.

A model standing on an urban rooftop, dressed in a loose beige blazer over a colourfully-studded black vest, and wearing beige bermudas.

Photograph from Jason Menswear. Model: Kirill V.

Finally, Singaporean brand Jason Menswear, by JR Chan, has a decidedly kiltish look, with a baggy, skirtlike smart-casual cut and a mission: ‘Let’s break stereotypes.’

Sounds like a sentiment we can share!

Are there any collections that have caught your eye lately? Any arresting sketches? Any designers you like to windowshop? Or, if you yourself are a designer and/or seamster, why not drop a link to your work in the comments? Better yet, sign up as a vendor, if you haven’t already done so!