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Shorts and Leggings make for a fine look

So this look is what I wear sometimes for work, and sometimes for just everyday stuff.

I adore the shorts and leggings combo, and I wish I’d discovered this years ago, because it really works well with my height, and longer legs. Coupled with some Boots this just works beautifully, and looks feminine, but with a strong, androgynous edge, which is kind of the look I rock best.

Where’s this stuff from?…..
Brown cotton top- H&M. (although it’s from a few years ago, I got this one from Ebay by searching for womens brown h&m top

Denim Shorts- H&M.

Belt- My Dad’s. (Borrowed on a sort of permanent basis, and about 30 years old, hence it’s weathered look)

Leggings- Primark

Boots- Tallgirls (this website is great for people with larger sized feet that want shoes that are both affordable and attractive)

Most of this outfit originated on the high street, but I do find second hand clothes shops, and Ebay, are great for finding real treasures as well.

The Other Side of the Store

baggy khaki shorts

Those baggy, khaki shorts.

When I went to the store, pretty much my biggest (and I had thought, up until then, irrational) fear about shopping on the side marked “Men’s”, was realised. Basically, a very rude sales clerk kept mentioning that I was on the “Guys’s side”. It went WAY beyond simply letting me know (the store wasn’t very well divided so I suppose some people might have wanted to know). Despite that, I bought the shorts. And for the 5 minutes before they disintegrated simply from putting them in the washing machine, I was in heaven.

I won’t go back to that store due in part to his trans/genderqueerphobia but also due to the crappy clothes, but none of this is as important as what happened psychologically for me that day.

I walked the other side of the store. My worst fear (okay, second worst to my parents seeing me there) about it actually happened. And I survived. Came out better, stronger, happier. My WORST fear happened and my biggest thought was “what a jerk and isn’t it sad that he lives in such a colourless, binary world?”

Buying those shorts opened the floodgates of possibility and I now shop entire stores comfortably. As I write this, I a FAAB (female assigned at birth) and self-identified genderqueer am wearing garments that were marketed to both binary genders.

This genderqueer stuff is all pretty new to me but it’s also exciting (and scary, I’m not out to ANYONE IRL yet).

— Seamus