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Unisex Fashion

I’m one of the many men that wears these ultra feminine, unmistakably girly shoes. Ever since I can remember I liked women’s articles of clothing and footwear better than men’s. Slowly over the years I’ve adopted more and more women’s
articles of clothing into my male wardrobe. It’s so nice to find your blog and see more and more people accept that they are genderfluid, genderQueer or whatever you want to call it. Basically be and dress who they really are.

Several years ago I really felt the need to start wearing my ballet flats openly in public. Since then I have acquired quite a collection of ballet flats but I have also expanded my collection of female items to include jeans, belts and other small
accessories. Recently one of my wonderful sale associates that sells me my ballet flats asked if I’d be interested in trying some (women’s) knee boots or riding boots for the Fall season. We tried several pairs and I finally picked I pair that I really like. A few weeks later she suggested I try wearing the boots with a somewhat feminine yet sorta unisex looking jacket. Again we tried on several jackets till I found one that worked.

I really love the ballet flats look for me but this Fall season I’m going to be rocking the riding boots, skinny jeans and sorta feminine jacket.

— ToryBri

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