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Genderplayful Links Round Up for early October

There’s a crispness in the air over here in the Uk, as Autumn starts to weave its way into our lives again. Time to start breaking out the scarves and hats!
Here are some links we’ve been checking out recently, that may ,or may not, be vaguely related…..

-Andreja Pejic, known for her modelling with Paris Vogue, and Jean Paul Gaultier, amongst others, came out as a trans woman earlier this year, and is no longer modelling as androgynous. There’s a really interesting interview with her here.
Talking about trends in fashion that explore androgyny and trans beauty and why there’s a focus on it right now, she says

I think that’s because it represents a social layer of people who feel that they don’t want to conform to traditional forms of gender—who feel traditional forms of gender are outdated. That social base feeds the trend, and it feeds the exploration in fashion.


-Laura Jane Grace, from band Against Me!, has a new web series. In it she meets up with other Trans people and hears their stories, whilst also talking about her life.

(photo by Leslie Lyons, via this article)

All the episodes are here and are well worth watching when you’ve got a moment.
In an interview with Elle, which is also worth a read, she says, in regards to making this series,

You put all this out there, you make it part of the topic of conversation and [a part of] culture, and it gets to the point where more and more people become educated and then it becomes less of a big deal.

Basically, it looks pretty awesome, and as Trans people become increasing visible in the media, and world as a whole, it’s wonderful to see more and more positive representation like this.


-Finally, if you want to just see something really beautiful and calming then this website about the magic of water should fit the bill nicely.