Community Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines for how to get the most out of our community…

  • Contribute! We definitely don’t have all the answers yet, and we need your help to get them. So please (please!) share your best experiences, recommendations, stories, favorite vendors, and other gems, and we’ll add them to our collage.  
  • Be inclusive. Keep in mind that our audience is global, and spans a broad range of genders, classes, races, identities, ages, traditions, body types, and other factors that impact how we experience the world. Please join us in finding the beauty in all people. Help us keep an eye out for underrepresentation, and balance it out by contributing more of the content we’re not showing enough of.
  • Be culturally sensitive. While it may be common in fashion to blend elements from different cultures, please be aware that this is also a sensitive subject. An article of clothing that seems gender transgressive to you may in fact be a standard style in the context of its culture (for example, kilts in Scotland). Keep an eye out for clothing and accessories with deep traditional significance (like bindis, crosses, robes, and headdresses). While some may be fine with using these for fashion, others may feel offended. And in general, beware of terms like “exotic” — what’s foreign to you is normal to someone else, and we’re all on the same Internet here.
  • Be friendly. Above all, be newbie friendly. We aim to be accessible to people who are newly exploring their identities. We accept and support their process of exploring language and concepts while they try to find what works for them. There are plenty of places on the internet for nitpicking, criticism, debates, and shutting people down when they make a mistake. This is not one of them. (For more of the kind of welcoming atmosphere we’re going for, check out our sibling project,

Sound good? Okay, let’s play!