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Shorts and Leggings make for a fine look

So this look is what I wear sometimes for work, and sometimes for just everyday stuff.

I adore the shorts and leggings combo, and I wish I’d discovered this years ago, because it really works well with my height, and longer legs. Coupled with some Boots this just works beautifully, and looks feminine, but with a strong, androgynous edge, which is kind of the look I rock best.

Where’s this stuff from?…..
Brown cotton top- H&M. (although it’s from a few years ago, I got this one from Ebay by searching for womens brown h&m top

Denim Shorts- H&M.

Belt- My Dad’s. (Borrowed on a sort of permanent basis, and about 30 years old, hence it’s weathered look)

Leggings- Primark

Boots- Tallgirls (this website is great for people with larger sized feet that want shoes that are both affordable and attractive)

Most of this outfit originated on the high street, but I do find second hand clothes shops, and Ebay, are great for finding real treasures as well.