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Genderplayful Links roundup for December

Here’s some links to warm up the last month of the year!

A school in Japan had a day where the pupils swapped uniforms to to allow them ‘the freedom to separate themselves from predetermined notions of manliness and femininity.’
It was a voluntary exercise, and 117 male and 182 female students took part. It got a lot of news coverage in Japan, and from what I’ve read, went down really well, with students learning a lot about preconceptions and givens when it comes to gender.

Dapper Q have a great piece on curvy androgyny which is well worth checking out. There’s a list of 10 commandments of Curvy Androgynous Style. It rocks.

And finally, Meet Cassandro, the drag queen star of Mexico’s wrestling circuit.


Recommendation: TeeeShit

Take a look at TeeSHIT!

An up and going online shop for tomboy and queer clothing and apparel and based in Sweden. What favors this shop the unique designer prints and its coherency with the lifestyle attributes of the brand. Also, don’t miss the stories behind some of the prints.

— rikku