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Recommendation: The dapper chicks of New York

Dapper Chicks of New York is a project I created to bring a community together. We are uniting to showcase individuality, and style. We are all different chicks, but we do have one common thing that binds us all together. We love fashion. We love men’s fashion.

The project is also to bring awareness to cyber-bullying. A few others have been victims of bullying, whether it may be cyber, emotional or physical. Fairly recently, I was its victim. Sadly, the other party felt like it was a competition and proceeded to attack me along with their friends. It severely affected my life to the point where I felt like giving up on everything. I never thought it was real, until then. Thanks to the support of my family, my close friends, you and my fellow dapper chicks, I am here as confident as ever taking a stand.

We dress up and join forces to make a difference. Help us say NO to cyber-bullying.

Find out more at DCNY.

Recommendation: Flaunt Streetwear

From Flaunt’s site…

FLAVNT Streetwear is a Brooklyn based independent clothing company producing men’s and women’s quality clothing since 2014. Our products are for anyone who seeks to flaunt who they really are—we want you to wear your identity on your sleeve (or your shirt) with pride and confidence. We cater to everybody, but especially hope to provide clothing that anybody can feel comfortable in; from the confident male and female, to tomboys, the LGBTQ community, the androgynous, and anybody in between.

The t-shirt designs are pretty cool, they ship internationally (extra yay for all us non US people!), and offer a variety of sizing options.
Also, the “Wish you were Queer” tee is officially my new favourite thing!

Recommendation: House Of Alexzander

Oh, this! An initiative that turns feminine fashionable-edge-affordable clothing more gender-variant-inclusive by adapting to other bodies than the cis-normative.

In meantime there’s only stuff adapted to the owner’s body, but the ambition seems to be in creating a store for other sizes too. Yeah, it’s called a thrift store. The sales go to the same prospect! Please support if you have the opportunity.

And the news-feed is greatly inspiring showing off the styles and their context. Just another way to say they can be subversive and look awesome, teehee!

— rikku

Recommendation: The Loft

Check out The Loft!

I went to a Loft store in a rush to buy funeral garb many months ago. As I am trying to transition from a slouchy-sweatshirts style to a more formal androgynous one, I have been constantly drawn towards my blouse and blazer for the occasion. The Loft has women’s clothes, but I find that they have a decent selection of neutral-styled clothing if you;re looking for it. I find that we often stray towards the men’s section to get masculine attire when we’re looking for neutral clothes, but why can’t androgyny have a more feminine side as well?

— Monster
About Monster

I’m just a teen trying to find its place in the world through androgynous expression, gender-messed identity, and spiky hair.