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Etsy Recommendation: Dapper and Swag

I just love the variety of Collar Chains at Dapper and Swag.
They also do brooches and tie pins, but those collar chains, there’s just so much loveliness to behold!

We spoke to Kristin, owner of Dapper and Swag about the store and the inspiration behind some of the designs….

The first collar chain I ever made was the antler collar chain. It was a gift for a friend of mine who really loved deer. After I made it, I loved it so much I made one for myself and eventually decided to sell them. I tend to favour animal and nature-inspired themes though a lot of what I make just depends on what supplies are available to me. I like working with metal. I enjoy that the collar chains sort of skirt the line between jewellery and accessories. They’re very gender neutral. It all depends on how you wear them so they’re very adaptable.