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Unisex Fashion

I’m one of the many men that wears these ultra feminine, unmistakably girly shoes. Ever since I can remember I liked women’s articles of clothing and footwear better than men’s. Slowly over the years I’ve adopted more and more women’s
articles of clothing into my male wardrobe. It’s so nice to find your blog and see more and more people accept that they are genderfluid, genderQueer or whatever you want to call it. Basically be and dress who they really are.

Several years ago I really felt the need to start wearing my ballet flats openly in public. Since then I have acquired quite a collection of ballet flats but I have also expanded my collection of female items to include jeans, belts and other small
accessories. Recently one of my wonderful sale associates that sells me my ballet flats asked if I’d be interested in trying some (women’s) knee boots or riding boots for the Fall season. We tried several pairs and I finally picked I pair that I really like. A few weeks later she suggested I try wearing the boots with a somewhat feminine yet sorta unisex looking jacket. Again we tried on several jackets till I found one that worked.

I really love the ballet flats look for me but this Fall season I’m going to be rocking the riding boots, skinny jeans and sorta feminine jacket.

— ToryBri

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Reality Conceived

Knowing that the little voice inside my head is finally satisfied. That all the little pieces have come together. That my half mad ideas are finally coming to fruition. But most importantly, that people can start to see and appreciate my vision. We may live in separate realities, but what makes me happy is when I can successfully represent mine, into yours.

The thing that makes me smile is, even if I have to work for it, at the end of the day, I make it all work for me.

— Madra
About Madra

We are a culture of the mind. And gender is on the stage of this mental theater. Let’s start to think about that a little more.
A gender fluid male who uses clothing as a tool for presentation and the expansion of this one’s emotional palette.

Guys in Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats from Barefoot Tess

Ballet Flats from Barefoot Tess, sold in sizes 11 – 15

I have discovered the joy of wearing ballet flats. I’m a guy and I tried flats for the first time about 8 years ago, but in the interim more flats have been made that fit me (size 10 mens = 11.5-12 womens). I live where it’s hot and sandals aren’t all that practical all the time but flats provide foot coverage and a very comfortable environment. Easy to slip on and off and look great. Sadly, men haven’t adopted them, but I did talk to the people at Corso Como and they make the larger sizes in their flats knowing that some of them are sold to guys.

I have also had success at Barefoot Tess, DSW, eBay, Amazon and a couple other vendors. I now have about 25 pairs and wear them out about at least once a week…. sometimes more. Hardly anyone ever notices, but when they do it’s 95% positive. I dress like a guy in all other respects but have found I love wearing flats.

— TeeJay

Because Human And Why Not

Fall Long Bohemian Patchwork Skirt by 1000Colors on

Fall Long Bohemian Patchwork Skirt by 1000Colors on

The one thing that’s really helped me grasp that I’m nonbinary has been skirts, oddly enough. If they’re pressed on me Because Girl, the results are just miserable all around, but discovering that they’re actually pretty cool if I approach them from an angle of Because Human And Why Not made it clear that Girl is a bad angle for me and Human And Why Not is a much better one.

I’m still annoyed at how hard it is to make skirt-wearing look as subversive as it feels, though. :P

— Adelene

H&M Rockstar


photo via Creatrix Tiara

I got this outfit from H&M that made me feel like a rockstar. Shiny biker-esque jacket, various t-shirts (including a white & blue stripe as well as a cat shirt), black sparkly jeans, black belt with metal addons. ZOMG. Finally my inner rockstar has a way to express herself.

— Creatrix Tiara

The Other Side of the Store

baggy khaki shorts

Those baggy, khaki shorts.

When I went to the store, pretty much my biggest (and I had thought, up until then, irrational) fear about shopping on the side marked “Men’s”, was realised. Basically, a very rude sales clerk kept mentioning that I was on the “Guys’s side”. It went WAY beyond simply letting me know (the store wasn’t very well divided so I suppose some people might have wanted to know). Despite that, I bought the shorts. And for the 5 minutes before they disintegrated simply from putting them in the washing machine, I was in heaven.

I won’t go back to that store due in part to his trans/genderqueerphobia but also due to the crappy clothes, but none of this is as important as what happened psychologically for me that day.

I walked the other side of the store. My worst fear (okay, second worst to my parents seeing me there) about it actually happened. And I survived. Came out better, stronger, happier. My WORST fear happened and my biggest thought was “what a jerk and isn’t it sad that he lives in such a colourless, binary world?”

Buying those shorts opened the floodgates of possibility and I now shop entire stores comfortably. As I write this, I a FAAB (female assigned at birth) and self-identified genderqueer am wearing garments that were marketed to both binary genders.

This genderqueer stuff is all pretty new to me but it’s also exciting (and scary, I’m not out to ANYONE IRL yet).

— Seamus