Your Look!

Hey lovely Genderplayfulers,
As you may know, one of the reasons we started this site was to share what we’ve learnt about clothes, and to hear what you’ve learnt as well.
With this in mind we’re going to start doing a new feature. It’s tentatively called “Your Look”, but we are open to suggestions for a better name (there may even be a prize if it’s a really, really good suggestion).

What’s all this them? I hear you cry. Well friends, we want to see your complete looks. We’re talking outfits you’d wear for something formal, clothes you’d put on for just hanging round town, what you wear to work, basically, what you wear that you love, that works for you.
Tell us where you got your stuff, tell us why this look works so well for you, and for the situation you wear it for. Tell us why you love it, and let’s inspire each other to whole new amazing and beautiful heights.

Here’s where you can submit your looks, and here, for your viewing pleasure, is an example I’ve prepared earlier, featuring my good self, and my most favourite look.
Yeah! Lets do this!