On Tagging and Definitions

So, I’ve been posting stuff from the internet, and from your good selves for about a month now, and in this time, I’ve been making attempts at tagging posts with descriptions to make it easier to find a particular look.
You can see the tags that come up most in that little word cloud on the sidebar, and you can click on the words to see what posts have been tagged with each word, and this is both good and useful.
However, everytime I tag something with a description, I can’t help but think, is this just my interpretation of what tag this picture should fall under?
Supposing I tag something as “Dapper” say? Is that the look that person was going for, or would they be offended that someone would think that? Would they even want any label attached to how they present at all?

I know how I would describe my look, but is that the same as how others would describe it?
I guess we could make assumptions, and maybe those assumptions would be correct, but as I’m sure many of you know, making assumptions when it comes to presentation and identity can often hurt people, because assumptions are not always right.
If this was me taking a photo of someone in the street, I could ask them there and then, what words they’d like to use to describe themselves, but when it comes to reposting photos from the internet, asking people isn’t always a thing that can be done.

Tagging is a useful thing, in that it enables people to see amazing examples of types of style that they themselves might be exploring. Finding a look that you like, and that works for you is hard, and inspiration from others who’ve been there is a fantastic source of ideas, which will in turn allow you to explore and innovate with your own thing.
When I tag photos it will always be with the utmost respect for the work put into the way the model looks, and for the work we put into how we look, but equally I am but one woman, in a sea of awesome fashion choices, so if you see a tag you don’t think is right, comment, discuss, let me know!
Equally if you have examples of looks and styles that blow your mind with their greatness, then share them with me, tell me what tags you want added, let the world know!

Let’s explore, share and find new amazing ways to be who we are…..