Introducing Genderplayful 2.0

Queer Glitter Resin Necklaces by RowdyBaubles on

Queer Glitter Resin Necklaces by RowdyBaubles on

Welcome to the next big thing! 

Genderplayful is a community project that aims to collaboratively solve wardrobe problems and inspire great fashion for anyone who doesn’t cleanly fit the roles, expectations, or body types of their assigned gender.

And today, we launch this as our new website. If you’ve been following our story, you know that this isn’t really a new website. We’ve been working on Genderplayful in one form or another for almost three years now.

Genderplayful 1.0 was a community marketplace for us to sell clothes to one another. We built it with a lot of volunteer help and a community fundraiser. It was a great idea, but it was also a bit too complicated for the budget we had in mind, and sadly, we couldn’t keep it up for very long. But whatever. Etsy and Ebay already exist. What we really want to do is share wardrobe solutions. And we can do that for a lot less money.

So allow us to introduce Genderplayful 2.0! We’re modeling this a bit off our sibling project, Genderfork — a supportive community for the expression of identities across the gender spectrum. We think we can use a similar approach to have a conversation about clothing, fashion, and just being able to leave the house in the morning.

In other words, if Genderfork is about people, then Genderplayful is about things.

At Genderplayful, we share what we’ve learned about how to make our appearances look the way we want them to look. We discuss how we’ve made clothing work for our bodies despite the fact that typical department stores seem to have no place for us. We recommend vendors who are friendly to people who don’t conform to the expectations of their genders, and who celebrate diversity in body types. We support each other and help each other navigate this world of creative self-expression and getting people to see us the way we see ourselves.

Wanna play?

The posts below are sample content from early submissions (along with some articles from the Genderplayful 1.0 community blog), but really, we’re just getting started here. And we need two big things to help us get off the ground:

1) Submissions!

Click the “Contribute” menu and find ways to help us out. As we kick this project off, what we’re most interested in is What are your favorite things to wear?, and What vendors or websites do you recommend? We invite you to start sharing whatever rings most true and important to you, so that others can connect with your experience and be inspired in their own explorations. (Please also take a look at our Community Guidelines for a few tips on the kind of values and culture we’re going for.)

2) Volunteers!

Do you want to help us out? We’re in the market for all kinds of volunteers right now, and so is Genderfork. We ask our volunteers to contribute a few hours a week, and to maintain high standards for representing diversity and building a supportive community. The roles available include blogging submissions, finding new content from the Internet, updating our social media feeds, helping to manage the team, moderating discussions, being an editor, and being a techie (and you generally only have to pick one). If you’d like to volunteer for either Genderfork or Genderplayful, just fill out this form so we know you’re interested, and we’ll get back to you when we can.

We hope you enjoy the next version of Genderplayful. Please take a minute to leave a supportive comment on our initial posts up to help get the conversation rolling!