Guys in Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats from Barefoot Tess

Ballet Flats from Barefoot Tess, sold in sizes 11 – 15

I have discovered the joy of wearing ballet flats. I’m a guy and I tried flats for the first time about 8 years ago, but in the interim more flats have been made that fit me (size 10 mens = 11.5-12 womens). I live where it’s hot and sandals aren’t all that practical all the time but flats provide foot coverage and a very comfortable environment. Easy to slip on and off and look great. Sadly, men haven’t adopted them, but I did talk to the people at Corso Como and they make the larger sizes in their flats knowing that some of them are sold to guys.

I have also had success at Barefoot Tess, DSW, eBay, Amazon and a couple other vendors. I now have about 25 pairs and wear them out about at least once a week…. sometimes more. Hardly anyone ever notices, but when they do it’s 95% positive. I dress like a guy in all other respects but have found I love wearing flats.

— TeeJay

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  1. Brian

    Other than middle age times when both men and women wore ballet flats, most people haven’t seen a guy wearing them. I’m not even sure if there is such a thing as ballet flats for men. Ballet flats for women have skyrocketed in popularity and therefore are available in every colour and unique style. Most women have at least one pair of these super sleek ultra feminine shoes. Oddly enough, so do lots of guys. Thanks to all the women with feet larger than a size 10m, shoe companies are now making flats in size 11, 12 and 13. Some even go as big as size 16. This has brought joy to lots of women but likely even more guys. Lucky for me I’m a size 10m so I have all the same choices as women. Women slip on their favourite flats and head out for the day. Sadly most guys that own ballet flats slip them on and stay in their homes out of view from the public. There are more and more guys taking those first steps out in public wearing “their” ballet flats. A women wearing flats usually goes unnoticed but when a guy is spotted wearing ballet flats almost anything is possible. I know from experience! Anything from a cute giggle and some finger pointing or a comment like “he’s wearing ballet flats.” Or all out laughter and a mini photo session with a cell phone camera (to capture this image of a guy wearing ballet flats) with a bit of name calling or comments about what your sexual orientation might be. Some people even like the idea and compliment me. I’ve heard it all and I accept it all. People will be people. I’m not wearing ballet flats for them, I’m wearing them for me. I’m like TeeJay, I wear regular guy clothes and pair it with a cute pair of feminine flats. Most days just a black or brown pair but someday I get a little wild and wear my yellow or pink flats. I hope more guys accept their desires to wear ballet flats and take those first few steps out in public.

  2. Nick

    I love those flats at the top. I’m a comfort oriented individual with wide flat feet and my fionce’ whom is female and a beautiful well endowed female blonde as I’m male ( we share the same shoe and glove size but, not the same clothing size as she’s a girl and I’m a little bit bigger physically but not much because obviously i’m a 100%male guy) we have similar tastes to a degree. She likes a shorter chukier hhel so she can kiss me better but, we’re both comfort oriented individuals and we buy and share flats.

    1. Mrs

      That must be are so lucky. I wear my shoes in privet.i have alwaysed loved the ballet flat.

  3. Ivan

    I am guy and I love to wear flats barefeet during spring and summer as everyday shoes. I wear them in neutral colors and mostly plain or bow flats as I practice ballet so I am get accostumed to wear flats with bows.This kind of shoes is very practical, light , easy to slip on /off , keep my feet fresh and not sweaty, not expensive and overall comfortable, and flats are at the same time shoes and slippers as my my friend Jenna told me :”everybody can wear flats, because flats are slippers!” and I totally agree, it doesnt matter that people open eyes or laugh when I wear them on public cause I wear what I like and I feel happy and comfortable after all it’s my life and feet and honestly I have more courage than other people to express myself and my tastes in fashion, confort at first so wear you flats with proud !

  4. Mrs

    Wish I could.if people laughed or made me feel stupid it would just take enjoyment out of the shoes for would be nice tho to receive compliments. Wow that would be awesome.

  5. Alfredo

    Yes,why not? i also love and wear ballet flats, every day at home even matching with my wife ones, and sometimes, when leisure time, in public. If the wather is hot, i use to wear them a lot, even for a coffee or some shoppings. Yes, sometimes you meet someone who open its ayes like seeing a martian, but there are less than ten percent, so it does not matter to me, so i´ll continue wearing ballet flats cause they are, confi, so easy to slip on and off, and of course, sexy!
    Cheers from Madrid

  6. martin

    Love women shoes especially ballet flats. I find them comfy to wear
    But I dont have courage to wear them outside.
    I also love ballet dance slipper pointe toe shoes and rythmic toe shoes.
    I wear them with black leggings around the house.

    1. Brian Davis

      Martin. Glad you are one of the many guys that like to wear ballet flats. It’s never easy to take those first few steps out in public in a cute pair of flats because of the unknown. From my experience you will likely get no reaction from people but you should always be ready for positive and negative reactions.
      I hope you find the desire to venture out sometime.

  7. Brenn

    I am another guy who wears ballet flats (and Mary Janes) as often as I can. I have a high instep and find them more comfortable than just about any other shoe. My favorite pair is the “Julianne” by Born. They are a little expensive, but well worth it.

  8. Tom

    I whole-heartedly agree with men wearing flats. I cannot stand to wear “flip-flops” because of that thing between your toes. It is uncomfortable to me and dangerous to leave your toes exposed. In an effort to find an alternative I asked my then girlfriend about flats. She has many pair and said I should try them, not caring if I wear them or not. I found some I liked that weren’t too “girly” and wore them around the house. Now we are married and I have just about as many pairs of flats as her. I stick to the black or brown and lesser “girly” looking pairs since it still is a bit of a stigma in society. I love wearing them and hope that one day they will start marketing them to men. Why should women have all the comfort and fun. As men, let us join in. You will not lose you manliness if you wear flats.

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