Hi! Nice to Meet You

Editor’s Note: This post is from the original Genderplayful Community Blog, back when we were also a marketplace.

Hi everyone!

I’m Sara Eileen, and I’ve just joined Genderplayful as a new blog editor. (We’re still looking for a few more blog editors, by the way; would you like to join me? Please get in touch with us!)

To start, here’s a little bit about me. I’m a color-obsessed, texture-loving compulsive crafter with a love of things that glitter, counterbalanced by a strong attraction to simplicity and a streak of butch identity that I’m still figuring out. I love layering different textures in the same color, mixing bright patterns together, wearing (and making) accessories, and I occasionally show up to places in sky-high leather heels. But then, I also spend a lot of my life in the same dark jeans, oversized button-front shirt and black motorcycle boots.



As a present to myself for my birthday last year, I ordered custom-color Converse sneakers, which is very easy to do and only a little more expensive than buying new, unmodified Converse:

I’ve been excited about fashion since I got a sewing machine as a present when I was 14; I mostly used it to rip apart and resew thrift store clothes into new shapes that I liked better for my (even then) plus-sized, tall, heavy-hipped body. And I’ve been excited about gender since before I can remember. My gender identity is still developing, beginning with “tomboy,” brushing the edge of gender fluid, and often shortened to “butch” when pressed. A friend of mine recently described my style as “as femme as you can get while still being butch.” I live in Brooklyn, where I work mostly as a writer. One of the great things about Brooklyn is that fashion choices I’d never have made in my tiny Maine hometown pass here without comment, and occasionally even with compliments.

Colors and layers:

I’m here as an editor, an organizer, and sometimes a writer, and hopefully this blog will continue to be a good counterpoint to the conversations and sharing that are already taking place in our forums. Oh, and I’m here to nerd out about gender and fashion with you. That too.

As the site continues to grow, I’d love to see a mix of posts on this blog, from short pieces on our personal experiences to longer, researched articles. Here are some quick ideas we’ve had; what do you think?

-   More academic posts within the genderplayful lens about interesting fashion events, history, and current trends.

-   Periodic link roundups (i.e. awesome, relevant stuff found on the internet).

-   Designer spotlights of our sellers.

-   How-to posts: how to make great things at home, how to pick a certain type of garment, how to shop for a particular style, etc. We’d love it if these how-to posts were community driven: we’d like to know what you want to learn in this space. Let us know in the comments if there’s something you’d love for us to tackle, please.

-   Posts from you. Whether it’s an opinion you have about a certain fashion trend, a stellar outfit you put together, a great fashion idea, or some sage advice for someone who might be trying to figure out something you’ve dealt with before, please submit it. Or, if you have some thoughts but don’t think there’s a full post in them, send them along to us and we can try to pull together a few different voices to cover the topic!

Thank you! I’m looking forward to writing with you!

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