Genderplayful Roundup 10.11.12

Editor’s Note: This post is from the original Genderplayful Community Blog, back when we were also a marketplace.

Hey all!

I am way more excited about writing 10 11 12 in the title of this post than I should be.

Here’s a quick round-up of some links of interest that have passed my dashboard this week (though some of the links are older). This post style is unabashedly stolen from the Skepchick Quickies.

-    Gaultier’s new collection for Paris Fashion Week has a few interesting plays on the tailored suit; the shot that stood out to me is included below. The entire collection is full of interesting plays on androgyny, including garments that blend typically masculine and feminine silhouettes together, and a lot of models and outfits that avoid sensuality in favor of over-the-top color and styles.

-   Photos of Wanny Di Filippo are on Advanced Style this week. I love everything about this person’s outfit. Especially the combination of brilliant colors and patterns with that great beard.

-    Beyond Buckskin has a great analysis of cultural appropriation in Dior up, which doesn’t deal directly with gender but is worth a read for intersectional knowledge.

-    Disney is trying to rebrand their idea of a “princess“, but in doing so I’m sad to see that in their efforts to be inclusive they’ve skipped entirely over the possibility of gender non-conforming princesses. (I’m not sure why I keep hoping for that level of awareness from Disney. They’re clearly not there. Come on, Disney, haven’t you heard about The Princess Boy?)

-   Sociological Images has been hosting a lively discussion about Toyota’s recent gender-bending commercial.

I leave you with some truly wonderful hair (via How To Be A Retronaut):

What have you read this week?

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  1. Betty Nikia

    omg…that Gaultier homage to Annie Lennox is a-maz-ing. love.

    Also, thanks for all of the food for thought along with the eye candy. :)

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