Genderplayful Cosplay at Comic Con

Editor’s Note: This post is from the original Genderplayful Community Blog, back when we were also a marketplace.

Here are some shots of mine from New York Comic Con this past weekend, of cosplayers having some fun with gender, or in some cases just plain having fun.

This Loki was trying to meet up with another Loki on the other side of the incredibly crowded convention hall:

Amazing Mystique costume:


I didn’t manage to get it in the shot, but this Robin had the most brilliant scarlet toenail polish:


The Doctor was very popular…


VERY popular!

As were Batman villains of all colors and stripes, but mostly green…


And purple!


This wee Mario was dancing up a storm outside the window before waving me over and posing for a photo:

I don’t know this character; do you?


My favorite costume of the day: Spiderman + glitter.


After it got out that I was collecting photos of genderplayful cosplay, I had a few people send photos from their personal streams or from around the Internet.

Emma Frost’s impeccable glare (source):

Luke and Han, via my partner’s friend Emily (on the right on the photo) – thanks, Emily!

And finally, “Lady Vader and Femme Solo” via Laura (full event photos from Laura here!) Thank you, Laura!

I didn’t have the energy to dress up for the con, but after arriving and seeing all of these fabulous costumes, I wish I had. I would have personally liked an opportunity, in a big, crowded, accepting space, to do a genderbent interpretation of a character I love.

What about you? Do you like costume-friendly spaces like cons? Related: are you looking forward to Halloween?


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  1. Samson

    @brewsternorth on Twitter tells us that the character with the blue mask and the fans is Kitana from “Street Fighter”!

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